Adresses des entreprises Marocaines

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Entreprise Agalcorde s.a

Adresse : Enceinte portuaire, ancien Port . boite postale 1752.

Ville : Agadir

Téléphone : 0548 82 29 17

Fax : 0548 82 29 16

Code postal : 80000

Activité :

Déscription :

La fiche de l'entreprise Agalcorde s.a a eu 1591 visites.

Agalcorde s.a est une entreprise marocaine domicilié dans la ville de Agadir

Entreprises de la męme ville

Globus tours s.a.r.l

Complexe comm le Tivoli, sect. Balnéaire . boite postale 463.

Coopérative ElHassania

18 novembre complexe des coopératives , q.i.

Blanc Service

11, rue Soldat Moha ou Hamou , Talborjt


Quai 6 ancien port .

Fromital s.a.r.l.

lot. n°14, z.i. , Tassila III

Janat s.a.

rue Moussa ibnou Noussair, q.i


B.P : 3610, Barid Al Maghreb, Talborjt. Agadir

sud programa

hay salam AGADIR PBP 14928

Agalcorde s.a - résultat depuis le web

-Agal/Iqal (arab hoop) The Iqal, also called agal, is a black hoop in rope that serves to hold the ghutra or shemagh or keffieh on the head. There are 2 products.

-An agal is the cord that holds the ghutra headcloth on top of the head in the traditional men's headgear of Saudi Arabia and surrounding areas. It is a ring of heavy cord, usually black, braided out of goat or camel hair traditionally, though they may even be nylon cord nowadays. The agal is doubled up so that two loops go around the head, and sometimes has ends hanging down in back.

-Doing Business in the Middle East (2015). A cultural and practical guide for all Business Professionals by Donna Marsh. Agal The agal is the double strand of heavy corded fabric that secures the man's headscarf in place.It's usually black in colour and resembles a thick rope.

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