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Entreprise Atlantic shipyard

Adresse : port de pêche . boite postale 7005

Ville : Agadir

Téléphone : 0548 82 23 83

Fax : 0548 82 23 86

Code postal : 80000

Activité :

Déscription :

La fiche de l'entreprise Atlantic shipyard a eu 1889 visites.

Atlantic shipyard est une entreprise marocaine domicilié dans la ville de Agadir

Entreprises de la męme ville


bd Imam Boussairi Rue Aourasse N° 31 Khiam II Agadir.


ay. Hassan Il . boite postale 470


Imm 30A bureau N°1 lot azzaitoune Tikiouine


rue G, Q.industriel Anza . boite postale 6080

Agadir Copies

rue 29 Février , imm. Ittifak Talborjt

Conor s.a.

quartier industriel anza boite postale 6143


54, rue Ibn Arabi, imm. AlMoustakbal , q.i. boite postale 5385.


374, Bd Med V , Route de Taroudant , Ait MELLOUL..

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-Charter Atlantic Goose the 45m luxury Motor yacht built by Toughs Shipyard in 1987. Available for 10 guests in the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey, Croatia & Ionian Islands

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-A shipyard (also called a dockyard) is a place where ships are built and repaired. These can be yachts, military vessels, cruise liners or other cargo or passenger ships.

-(843) 747-3567 2383 Highway 41, Suite 100 Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29466 Email Us Internships / Jobs

-Choosing a shipyard is a big risk. You need top quality services for a reasonable budget within your time constraints. For over 55 years, we have successfully helped thousands of ship owners from all over the world return to operations quickly and confidently.

-Since 2012, Mid-Atlantic Maritime Safety has provided OSHA 10-Hour Maritime shipyard employment courses for workers throughout the United States.

-This park is AMAZING! The entire facility is in pristine condition. We spent the last 4 days here and enjoyed every minute! The concession stand food was delicious and reasonable!

-Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited is located within the Bahamian Archipelago in The Atlantic Ocean, 93 nm from Miami, Florida. The Yard resides within the Freeport Free Zone on Grand Bahama Island, and is strategically located on major shipping routes from Europe to the Americas, into the Gulf of Mexico and throughout The Caribbean.

-The TANEY was one of seven SECRETARY class coast guard cutters built just prior to World War Two. These ships were originally designed as patrol gunboats and were attached to the US Navy during World War Two for use as convoy escorts and anti-submarine patrois along the Atlantic seaboard.

-Charleston Naval Shipyard (formerly known as the Charleston Navy Yard) was a U.S. Navy ship building and repair facility located along the west bank of the Cooper River, in North Charleston, South Carolina and part of Naval Base Charleston.