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Entreprise Atlas Carpet Morocco s.a

Adresse : place My Youssef, rue 40, n°12

Ville : Kénitra

Téléphone : 0537 37 39 15

Fax : 0537 37 39 80

Code postal : 14000

Activité :

Déscription :

La fiche de l'entreprise Atlas Carpet Morocco s.a a eu 1516 visites.

Atlas Carpet Morocco s.a est une entreprise marocaine domicilié dans la ville de Kénitra

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Atlas Carpet Morocco s.a - résultat depuis le web

-MOROCCAN BERBER HIGH ATLAS RUG. A bright, colourful rug with a random scattering of Berber designs and motifs throughout the field. The colours are a deliberate contrast to the endless browns and greys of the eastern High Atlas. FOR SIMILAR SIZE PIECES SEE ?SMALL RUGS?.

-Played: 2543× | Completed: 2420× Tags: Carpet shop Morocco Africa. Created: October 14, 2018

-These carpets are made in the western Middle Atlas of Morocco with very thick in pile and simple geometric designs against bright, bold backgrounds of red, blue, green, and black. TAZNAKHT CARPETS These carpets usually come in red and saffron-yellow hues from the area 140 km from Ouarzazate.

-Pink colourfull Beniouarain rug Hand Woven Multi-Coloured Area Rug Atlas-Moroccan rugs-tapis beniouarain £ 845.00 £ 620.00 Bleu Beniouarain rug Hand Woven Multi-Coloured Area Rug Atlas-Moroccan rugs-tapis beniouarain £ 1,050.00 £ 700.00

-Today, Moroccan rugs are available in numerous patterns- dichromatic, geometric, abstract; in a wide palette of colors, from the basic ones to the most vibrant hues; and in sizes of all manners. These handmade vintage rugs possess decorative flexibility and may be used at any corner of your home to give the perfect antique touch to your place.

-It was absolutely my favorite day in Morocco. Jamal is from the area and knows everyone in the little villages that we visited. My daughter and I were able to experience life in the Berber villages of the Atlas mountain foothills up close in a way that we never could have seen on our own.

-Atlas Carpets is a 40 year old award winning carpet mill crafting some of todays finest carpets for the commercial and home market. All while creting superior perforamce and striving to maintain the highest enviromental standards.

-Morocco: Shopping at Fes Carpet and Rug Co-operative Dar Zarbia During a 3.5-hour walking tour through the Fes Medina with a small group of 10, plus a local tourist guide, Momo, and a security man (to make sure nobody in our group got lost), we enjoyed opportunities to do some shopping.

-Toute l'Information Légale et Financière sur l'Entreprise : ABL SURSUM MOROCCO

-Discover the Moroccan rugs collection at ABC Carpet & Home, featuring vintage Moroccan area rugs and more.