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Entreprise Communication system

Adresse : 351, route d'AlJamiaâ (ex. rte d'ElJadida

Ville : Casablanca

Téléphone : 0522 25 76 74

Fax : 0522 99 24 98

Code postal : 20100

Activité :

Déscription :

La fiche de l'entreprise Communication system a eu 1706 visites.

Communication system est une entreprise marocaine domicilié dans la ville de Casablanca

Entreprises de la męme ville

Auterep s.a.r.l

195, bd Emile Zola , n°8 3°ét.

Conceptec s.a.r.l.

138. bd d' Alsace (Mers Sultan

Templier-Vignoud c.m.t.v

118, bd Mohammed V

Technic Radiateur

241, bd Ambassadeur Ben Aicha




bd de la Grande Ceinture (h.Mohammadi) lot Nadia, n°21.

Elouaz Confection

31, bd Hassan ElAlaoui


44, rue Zoubeir Bnou El Aouam

Communication system - résultat depuis le web

-The SatCOM Systems program is tailored to provide students with necessary and up-to-date knowledge for mastering different aspects of digital communications, signal processing, and networking applied to communication or navigation systems. Such systems are strategic for space applications.

-Le PECS est un système unique de communication alternatif et augmentatif développé aux USA en 1985 par le Dr. Andy Bondy, PhD, et Lori Frost, orthophoniste.

-depuis 1984, acksys communications & systems est spÉcialisÉ dans la conception et la fabrication de solutions de communication wlan/lan/sÉrie.

-The AXIWI communication system is a wireless full duplex and handsfree communication system. Six people can simultaneously communicate with each other by the open line connection, just like a telephone conversation. The communication system is used for communication during tours, conferences, meetings, sports, translating simultaneously and calamities.

-CSoIP for Communication and Security over IP is the Voice Communication System (VCS) solution designed, developed and provided by CS. Our VCS product ?s name is self-explanatory; a reliable and secured VCS solution providing outstanding communication performances and extensive functionalities in Radio, Telephone and Interphone fields.

-Communication is the process of establishing connection or link between two points for information exchange. OR The purpose of communication system is to transmit information bearing signals from a source located at one point to a user destination located at another point some distance away.

-End-to-End Simulation. Simulate link-level models of communications systems. Explore what-if scenarios and evaluate system parameter tradeoffs. Obtain expected (e.g., BER, PER, BLER, and throughput) measures of performance.

-or introduction to communication systems for practitioners, easing the path to study of more advanced graduate texts and the research literature. The prerequisite is a course on signals and systems, together with an introductory course on probability. The required material on random processes is included in the text. A student who masters the material here should be well-prepared for either ...

-SRC designs and builds sophisticated communication systems for federal and state governments, military services and industry. Whether hand-held radios, vehicular systems or large SATCOM terminals, our products integrate state-of-the-art components to deliver high performance.

-Voice Communication and Control Systems VCCS We provide communication solutions for any size of ATM operation, from small standalone control towers and contingency approach facilities to the largest networked ATM centres.