Adresses des entreprises Marocaines

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Entreprise Dynamar

Adresse : Lot la Colline, Imm. les Quatre temps , 5°ét. porte B, Sidi Maârouf.

Ville : Casablanca

Téléphone : 0522 97 44 45

Fax : 0522 97 43 96

Code postal : 20190

Activité :

Déscription :

La fiche de l'entreprise Dynamar a eu 1363 visites.

Dynamar est une entreprise marocaine domicilié dans la ville de Casablanca

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Dynamar - résultat depuis le web

-Since 1981, Dynamar B.V. has provided Transport and Shipping Information and Consultancy services for the Marine, Energy and Financial sectors. Today, Dynamar is ...

-A trusted source in marine information and intelligence Dynamar B.V., based in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, was established in 1981 in response to a growing demand for ...

-3M ? Dynamar ? Polymer Processing Additive FX 5920A 3M Advanced Materials Division Features and Benefits ? Improves extrusion processing of polyolefin resins

-Dynamar? HX-868 becomes a brittle, glassy material at the recommended storage temperature, but may crystallize slowly over a long period of time.

-Manufacturer of 3M Dyneon? BRE 7231 Base Resistant Elastomer, 3M Dyneon? Dynamar? FX 5911 Polymer Processing Additive, 3M Dyneon? Dynamar? FX 5920B Polymer ...

-HX-752 Dynamar? Bonding Agent for Ammonium Perchlorate. A bonding agent is a substance used to improve the mechanical properties of a composite system by increasing ...

-497-19-8:CH2O3.2Na, Carbonic acid disodium salt, Bisodium carbonate, Calcined soda, Carbonate de sodium, carbonato de sodio, Carbonic acid disodium salt, Carbonic ...

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