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Entreprise Golden Hands s.a.r.l.

Adresse : 34, av Hassan Seghir,5°et

Ville : Casablanca

Téléphone : 0522 31 61 45

Fax : 0522 31 70 46

Code postal : 20000

Activité :

Déscription :

La fiche de l'entreprise Golden Hands s.a.r.l. a eu 1485 visites.

Golden Hands s.a.r.l. est une entreprise marocaine domicilié dans la ville de Casablanca

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assalam ahl loughlam sidi bernoussi

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-Golden Hands top managerial staff are likewise rigorously trained abroad. Golden Hands' commitment to quality and services earned unflagging support from its major markets -the Philippines, U.S.A., Australia, Hongkong, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

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-Providing high-quality stucco services and stonemasonry work to the local community for 25 years, the Golden Hands team takes great pride in ensuring your property looks its best while providing you with excellent customer experiences.

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